About Personalities

I welcome those of you that have taken the personality test to send me your scores that quantify the proportion of each of your personalities. I will give you additional input to your unique combination. I hope you will enjoy the information.

I wish you peace in what once caused you chaos.

Dr. William Mehring


The Red personality is characterized as being traditional, structured, responsible, realistic, pragmatic, practical, committed to family and detail oriented. They are dogmatic, down to earth, loyal, faith-based, hard-working and are usually more conservative in their beliefs than other personalities. They believe in hierarchy and earning their way to the top. They enjoy competition, and witnessing personal triumph through physical and mental determination.

The Red personality embodies the positive archetypes of Warrior, Leader and even Hero. Their negative archetypes include Victim.

The Red personality will grow softer throughout their life realizing that everything is not black and white, but many shades of gray. They will transcend a strongly materialistic-based life, that serves only them and their family, to a life where they are involved in charity work and giving their time to help others.


The Orange personality is known for being the nicest most thoughtful people you'll ever meet. They are thoughtful, people pleasers, caretakers and peacekeepers. Orange women and many of the men are very good at creating calm, soothing relaxing environments. The Orange personality knows how to comfort those around them and is empathetic by nature. Oranges can feel sadness about how the world is so hurtful and it is not unusual for them to gravitate towards dramatic themes in books and movies that show personal hardships. They wish for a kinder more considerate world and have a constant state of internal worry. The Orange personality has a traditional belief system and is socially responsible. They usually follow the majority view.

The most common positive archetype is Caretaker. The negative archetype is Martyr, particularly when things are not going well. The Orange personality must learn to express their opinions, needs, wishes and truth to those around them. They must learn not to "over give," as they will give until they are so exhaustion there is nothing left for self-care.


The Yellow personality is self-initiating, self-respecting, self-motivating, and self- reliant. They are very ambitious, completion oriented and responsible providers for the family. They have a very high moral compass and commonly question authority. The Yellow personality will wrestle with wanting everyone to do things their more efficient and proper way. People around them see this as micromanagement. They can also be very judgmental of others as well as themselves. This leads to perfectionism. They are more scientifically based and have difficulties with religion but do better with the moral philosophies of the world such as Buddhism and Taoism. They resonate more with an individualistic journey.
They are commonly searching for a better way of doing things. This can range from how to build a better mousetrap to ways of political-social reforms that would help society evolve. The positive archetypes are Transformer, Teacher, Provider and Philosopher. The negative archetypes include Silent Child, and in the worst case scenario, Sadist.


The Green Personality is out spoken, charismatic, flexible, gregarious, passionate, creative, robust, and exciting. They avoid conflict and are exuberant, theoretical, tender, loving, imaginative, creative, and empathetic. They have profound intuitive and healing abilities. Many Greens look a little spacey and speak random thoughts. They often forget what they're saying, being distracted by the many trains of thoughts in their minds. The Green Personality has a sense of immediacy which leads to impatience. They wish for and have a great capacity for connection to others, loving meeting people and making new friends. Green's love to love and they may struggle in finding a partner that speaks the same language of love. The Green Personality commonly wants to be "super-duper" at everything they do, so as to be more attractive to others. Most Greens deal with feeling abandoned or lost at some point in their lives.

The common positive archetypes are Lover, Healer, Activist and in some cases, Revolutionary. The negative archetypes embody hopelessness and despair felt when not feeling loved or being connected. The extremes archetype of this is Narcissist.

The Green Personality must to work on becoming less reliant on connecting to others and more self-reliant. They need to stay positive by focusing on how many connections they really do have. Greens can work on developing their intuitive skills to assist them in connecting to the universal consciousness.


Dr. William Mehring, Intuitive Practitioner

Dr. Mehring has worn many hats as a healer. After twelve years of practice as a chiropractic physician, he began searching for answers as to why certain patients continued to have pain despite allopathic and chiropractic treatment. He studied psychotherapy, homeopathy, Qi Gong, hypnotherapy, past life regression, and Chakra balancing. He also learned the art of medical intuition and various techniques to release emotional trauma from the cellular and energetic memory. He initiated a master’s degree in psychology but branched off completing his Master’s degree in Esoteric Philosophies, the study of different cultures healing and mystical traditions.

Dr. Mehring no longer treats his patients as a chiropractor but as an intuitive practitioner. He has always been committed to helping people find freedom and move forward on their life path no matter what healing modality he works through. He practices in Los Osos, CA and teaches seminars locally. As a teacher, he brings in depth, one-on-one instruction in how to feel energy and listen to the gentle voices of intuition. He teaches “Awakening Your Intuition” and a healing technique he developed, Emotional Energetic Evolution (E3). This technique brings together many schools of thought ranging from physical medicine to emotional evolution to help people with chronic problems, especially when they have exhausted traditional medicine options .Dr. Mehring is the author of “Finding peace in chaos” which illustrates thru lessons and stories how to transform one’s life towards a peaceful experience.

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