Finding Peace in Chaos: E3: Emotional Energetic Evolution, Muscle Testing and Personality
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FINDING PEACE IN CHAOS, The E3 process, personality and muscle testing. [Press Release]

Why is their chaos in our lives and how can we have inner peace instead? Running away or hiding from the chaos is a futile task ultimately doomed to failure.   Stress and chaos are strongly related. We experience stress when we believe the world or people should be a certain way but our belief is in direct opposition to how things really are.

This book will give you an understanding of why and how we create the matrix of our belief systems. Our beliefs incorporate the very nature of humanity, our personality and the experiences of our lives. These interactions create who we are. Just as each of us has constructed a belief system, every one of us can reconstruct that system.   We each have the choice to rewrite the script and create harmonized beliefs and patterns in our life that result in inner peace.

There are sound psychological principles, guidelines and knowledge in this book that will help you transform  the dysfunctional belief systems in your life that lead to chaos into those that lead to inner peace. The ultimate outcome of this is the ability to experience an awe-filled life.

By reading this book, you will learn the following:

  1. how we create a belief system that ultimately leads to stress and dis-ease
  2. how to create new belief systems that create healthier patterns
  3. the principles and guidelines necessary to create peace and harmony in your life
  4. the step by step process to harmonize your life and how to maintain it
  5. the ability to differentiate between the  beliefs and actions that create stress and those that evoke peace and awe
  6. what is your personality, your gifts, and unique attributes and how this knowledge can make your life’s issues easier to understand
  7.  concrete action plans on how to deal with the struggles your personality type contends with.

Finally, you will learn about E3 or Emotional Energetic Evolution, a technique Dr. Mehring pioneered which is a psychological expansion of the chiropractic technique known as Applied Kinesiology.  E3 employs muscle testing to access the knowledge of your subconscious mind to help you heal your life. This book will teach you how to muscle test, and with practice, anyone can use this amazing tool to unravel the mysteries and difficulties in our lives. This technique can be used to help yourself or others.

For example, E3 can be used to make decisions about vitamins, potential allergens, nutrition and can even help you determine the best therapeutic treatment for physical issues your are facing.    Most importantly ,  E3 is designed to help you find the true causes of your the emotional baggage that creates pitfalls in your life. E3 is an efficient psychological process that can lead you to a smoother life.  As you will discover,  the applications of E3 are limitless.


PERSONALITY, our gifts, our struggles and finding relationships that work.
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