Your personality is the secret to a happier and healthier life.

This book is a continuation of Dr. Mehring's initial work, "Finding Peace in Chaos". This latest book focuses in on how we create our own reality, both joyous and stressful, through the filter of our personalities. Once the reader has an intimate understanding of their personality, it will become clear how every decision they make in life is extrapolated and constructed through the matrix of the beliefs and experiences of their personality. It is then that the reader can make decisions of how they wish to transform the very experience of "Living".

In this book you will learn:

  • How important your personality is in shaping how you view the world and what causes stress in your life.
  • The step by step process of Transformation of your life through understanding the gifts, fears, obstacles, and journey for each of the four fundamental personalities.
  • Once being aware of the triggers and motivations for each of the personalities, one will be offered the roadmap to reconstruct new actions and beliefs that are free of stress.
  • The outward effect of our physical nature and health is a direct reflection of our emotional past.
  • Disease can be impermanent.
  • Our bodies are constantly in flux with either positive or negative alterations to our DNA based on our thoughts, actions and beliefs.
  • Our innate intelligence is a helpful guide to not only help us survive but to thrive.
  • This book and its workshops are intended to help people on the path of enlightenment.

Simply stated this is knowing the motivations for every one of your actions, harmonizing those that no longer serve you and keeping those that do. You are the constant creator of your human experience and the health of your body. It all starts with awareness and a devout intention to change.


Dr. Mehring has worn many hats as a healer. After twelve years of practice as a chiropractic physician, he began searching for answers as to why certain patients continued to have pain despite allopathic and chiropractic treatment ...
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