The class Will gave me included the language, stories, tools, insights and empowerment to help me find inner peace. I am on my soul's path of harmonizing and aligning with my authentic self. I believe I will now and in the future continue to live a more full life. Thank you for the class.

You brought amazing awareness to who I am and who I am not, my strengths, weaknesses, and what I need to work on to find a more balanced happy and harmonious life. You showed me that I have done a lot of work already. Some of this work has been conscious and sub some conscious. You have brought me invaluable insights and awareness about myself and the people around me. You have made me aware of the choices I have made based on the personality type and how some of those choices may not be the most balanced. You have opened my eyes to alternative ways of doing things in my future.

The concept of harmonizing one's life is so key. The study of personality helps so much with the harmonization process. E3 is the most fantastic part of each seminar. As a result of the time I've spent in this class, I have developed a very different outlook on life. I am able to enjoy the harmonization process and can embrace chaos. THE BASIC 4-AWESOME!

Your class open the door to an entirely different way of being that is healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. The class brings you into a realm where there is a better understanding of people and relationships overall but especially your relationship with yourself. You have opened my eyes to the use of judgment, blame, guilt and other unhealthy thoughts. From this class I have found a way to create healthier thoughts such as love, kindness and caring. This process helps you get to a place where you can attain peace. Over the series of classes I went from initially just beginning to feel what inner peace was like which compelled me to want to practice it more and more each day. I understand that peace is really a journey. You also helped me understand why we do the things we do and why others do the things that they do that can eventually set you free. This class has taught me the process of how to be free.

What I enjoyed the most about this class was experiencing the feel of each color and feeling/experiencing energy movements in my body. I have the perfect blend of knowledge and experiential exercise. My brain and body were delighted.

I found value in the learning tools that helped me help myself and others to unlock the blockages that keep me from my life's path. This class also helped me find a way to become free of my chaos. The tools I valued the most were learning how to do muscle testing effectively and how to accurately determine the four basic personalities as well as understanding them. This course also gave me the skills to continually return to a place of balance within myself. I now have the skills to practice with my friends and family. We will aid one another through the mysteries of life. Thank you!

I love and have already found the personality types very useful. It has helped me to see myself and others more clearly. I now understand better my motivations for doing the things I do and can now redirect myself towards the path of peace. I enjoyed the new concepts, ideas, Chi gong and other energetic healing. Your class Me interested at all times.

The process you taught and the experiences in this class brought up some long ago buried emotions that helped me to understand why I am the way I am. Your class helped me head in the right direction.

I know my true colors now! Your class was very insightful on all the different personalities and their characteristics, what to look out for, what to heal and what to be thankful for. There was a great group of people and constructive conversations. I really enjoyed the energy work we did on ourselves and others. The class was productive, insightful and funny all at the same time. The personalities were presented in such an enjoyable way that it allowed us to see ourselves more clearly. Understanding personalities and my motivations will help me with my family dynamics, friends, etc. I am very glad to be a part of this class. Anyone can grasp and learn the concepts you presented. Go GREEN…. It's the best!


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