What In The Universe Are We Doing Here?




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WHAT IN THE UNIVERSE ARE WE DOING HERE? And what are we made of?

The Seminar, What in the Universe Are We Doing Here?

Have you ever wondered?

  • What happens to our thoughts, experiences and consciousness when we die?
  • Does God/Creation/The Great Mystery exists? If so, does “It” oversee our actions or have an agenda for the earth and humanity’s outcome?
  • Are there multiple dimensions or realms, such as heaven, that coexist with our world?
  • How does a global or even a universal consciousness helps us to survive, heal and most importantly evolve?
  • Ultimately, is there a purpose for us to exist? If so what is that purpose?

In this seminar, Dr. Mehring will bring new information to these fascinating questions in hopes of furthering the discussion of what truly exists and our purpose. He shares a combination of his experiences that he has had with unique individuals that have died and come back. Despite their previous critical condition they come back with an expanded awareness and clarity, and are willing to share their experiences and the knowledge they have gained. Dr. Mehring will also share case histories and knowledge from several patients that have broken through to soul awareness during deep hypnosis. Dr. Mehring will share how the predicted outcomes of quantum mechanics and string theory can be consistent with these experiences. Dr. Mehring will also look to the new partnership between frontier science and ancient religious texts in an effort to authenticate and verified that all he has witnessed is credible and will help humanity reach its greatest potential through knowing its purpose.

The search to understand humanity’s greatest questions has become Dr. Mehring’s life’s work. He started his quest and studies as a research biologist. His passion has been to help people thrive physically and emotionally his studies incorporate the field of chiropractic, psychology, religion, homeopathy and hypnotherapy. His first book, “Finding Peace in Chaos” helped people become aware of their deepest and most stressful issues and gave readers a road to transformation and harmonizing their lives. Last 20 years of his life has been devoted to investigating whether or not humanity has a purpose and if so what is it and what does that journey look like?


PERSONALITY, our gifts, our struggles and finding relationships that work.
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Dr. Mehring has worn many hats as a healer. After twelve years of practice as a chiropractic physician, he began searching for answers as to why certain patients continued to have pain despite allopathic and chiropractic treatment ...
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