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I would categorize myself as traditional, preferring accepted and proven ways of doing things.
Following rules is an important part of what makes the world function properly.
I am OK with doing repetitive jobs with predictable outcomes.
If these statements characterize your personality, answer questions 21-30

I would categorize myself as a free thinker or someone who thinks "out of the box."
I will follow rules that make sense to me, but the world is not black and white. Rules need to be constantly reevaluated and improved.
I prefer jobs involving new activities and constant challenges allowing me to problem solve.
If these statements characterize your personality, answer questions 31-40.


21a.I am willing to confront someone when the situation calls for it.
21b.I am less willing to confront someone. Things usually work themselves out.

22a.I find solutions based on everyone's feeling and input work the best.
22b.I find that logical answers always give the best solutions.

23a.I pride myself on being polite and kind.
23b.I pride myself on being respectful and honoring those that have earned it.

24a.I believe productivity and the ability to work hard are important qualities.
24b.I believe being sensitive and understanding are important qualities.

25a.I consider myself to be a logical person.
25b.I consider myself to be a feeling person.

26a.I typically give more to others than they give to me.
26b.I help people if they earn it or deserve it. I don't believe in handouts.

27a.I dislike conflict and look to resolve conflicts by finding common ground.
27b.I am OK with conflict and believe I can learn and grow stronger through conflicts.

28a.I process feelings inside and do not like to expose my feelings.
28b.I process feelings deeply over time and find great relief in sharing with close friends.

29a.In relationships, I show commitment by providing and protecting.
29a.In relationships, I show commitment by emotional support and comfort.

30a.I would like to solve problems quickly but there are so many things to consider.
30b.I am able to solve problems quickly through fast actions.


31a.I enjoy brainstorming big ideas but prefer to give the mechanical issues to someone else.
31b.I enjoy brainstorming big ideas as well as knowing the mechanical issues of a problem.

32a.I enjoy connecting to a lot of people and having a lot of friends.
32b.I don't need to connect to a lot of people and can function without a lot of friends around.

33a.I have no problem confronting people and telling it like it is.
33b.I tend to avoid confrontation. It is hard to be negative.

34a.I am more private than most people and work things out in my head.
34b.I am outgoing and often use others as "sounding boards" for my thoughts.

35a.I believe in morals but dislike them when they are righteous, rigid or used to control.
35b.I define myself as having high morals and believe others should have them as well.

36a.I see myself as an emotional being.
36b.I am logical in nature and dislike emotions getting in the way.

37a.It is the nature of relationships to come and go.
37b.When I lose a friend, it affects me more deeply than most people.

38a.It is not my problem when someone is depressed or in a mood. They will work it out.
38b.I am compelled to help someone who is depressed.

39a.I find it difficult to outwardly express caring and loving feelings.
39b.I find it hard sometimes to contain feelings and compassion for my family and friends.

40a.I believe being analytical and having skepticism is very important in life.
b.I feel good inside when I am connected and compassionate to others.



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